Monday, 14 April 2014

The actress

The 'B-movie' actress who appears in the black & white film ('L'Ile du dragon') at the beginning of 'A Monster In Paris' was designed by Annette Marnat, a sensational French designer-one of the best in the industry.

 Carlos Leon did the art direction on the texture painting for the character:
"Working with line drawings from the character designers, I painted these color models with as much volume and material information as possible. The idea was for modelers and shading artists to have a clear image of what to go for. I find that there is often a big loss of character in going from a 2d design to a 3d model…"

An astounding level of artistry for a character glimpsed so briefly in the final film. 

My original storyboard panel

Texture Painting

Texture painting reference by Carlos Felipe Leon